What to Do When You Can’t Celebrate a Special Occasion in Person

You do your part to commemorate the event from a distance!

Social distancing may make it hard to get together with family, friends, and co-workers at the moment. It doesn’t mean that you can’t keep them in your thoughts and celebrate special occasions with them, though. You can make it an event to remember by being creative and thoughtful with your words and actions.

If you can’t celebrate a special occasion in person, you can do this:

  • Host a virtual birthday bash online. Thanks to live-stream technology and video conferencing, you can have a party for someone you care about and have their family and friends attend the event virtually. Try FaceTime or Zoom to see which platform works best for you going forward.
  • Post a celebratory greeting on their Facebook wall. A simple salutation or message of support can make a person’s day. It takes seconds to type a greeting yet provides long-lasting feelings of love and gratitude.
  • Record a video that you send to them on Snapchat. It can be silly or sweet. The point is that you’re expressing best wishes for them on their special day.
  • Send them a card and letter via snail mail. Most people get excited when they think of receiving something other than bills in their mailboxes. A card or short letter makes a world of difference in helping someone feel appreciated.
  • Purchase a gift through an online retailer and have it sent directly to the recipient. There are all types of gifts you can give a person. Shopping your favorite websites and having a package delivered directly to their doorstep is highly beneficial.
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