How to Throw a Virtual Wine and Cheese Party

How to Throw a Virtual Wine and Cheese Party

You’ve got to be inventive when distance keeps you away from your favorite people.

Wine, cheese, and socializing. What a perfect combination! If you’ve thrown a wine and cheese party in the past, you know how much fun the event can be for everyone involved. There is a lot of planning that goes into the celebration when you hold it in person but a lot less work to do when you hold it online.

What You Need to Make Your Wine and Cheese Party Online Happen

If you can’t meet in person, why not invite your family and friends to join you online for some celebrating? You’ll be able to chat, share stories about your favorite wines and cheeses, and lift each other’s spirits up considerably.

Get ready to throw your virtual wine and cheese party. Here’s what you need to make it happen:

  • A Set Time and Date. It’s important so that everyone can meet at the same time. Make sure that you mention different time zones, so no one misses out on the fun.
  • Wine and Cheese, Of Course! Your favorite varieties are all that is necessary because you’re not catering to an in-person crowd. If you want to share what different types of wine or cheeses look and taste like, you can have a few of each item on hand for the event.
  • Your Favorite Wine Apparel. Our “Obsessions Wine Food and Travel” shirt comes in several colors and multiple sizes to meet your needs. It’s one of the many options you have to choose from when shopping on our website.
  • A Platform for Livestreaming. Decide if it will be a Facebook Live, Instagram Live, or YouTube Live. Make sure to send everyone on your invite list a reminder, so they don’t forget to join you.

Encourage everyone you can to participate. They don’t need to be a fan of wine or cheese to interact with the group. If they do love a good glass of vino from time to time, it gives them an excuse to break out a new bottle and share their day with others.

Livestream Your Party with Your Family and Friends Safely

Enjoy a glass of wine and some fine cheese with friends. The distance between you, your family, and friends is narrower, thanks to technology. You can create an event on social media and live stream it for others to take part in right away. It may not be as exciting as an event you throw in your home, but it does allow you to keep in touch with the people that matter most to you.


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