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RDX Neoprene Inner Gloves


If you like switching up training routines in-between your workout sessions or just want more ways to train, then these boxing RDX T15 Neoprene Inner Gloves are perfect for the fitness enthusiast in you. Condition the knuckles against the bags or wear them under your boxing gloves for additional protection. Go round after round of throwing punches or switch to weights, kettlebells or bars between each drill. These gloves are the perfect companion for anyone looking to get fit and mix up their MMA routine.


  • Neoprene – Made using breathable, durable and highly stretchable neoprene. Manages temperature fluctuations and will last you countless drills before showing any signs of wear and tear.
  • Shell-shock gel – Shock-buster gel lines over the low-density foam to eat up dangerous impact, allowing only enough to help condition your knuckles.
  • Supremo-Shock foam – Low-density injected absorbs impact efficiently with the purpose of providing minimum protection but just about enough to help condition the fists
  • Nylon dot mapping – throughout the palm ensures grip and a hold on the weight, bar or rod of choice unlike any other.
  • Versatile – Can be used as a gym glove, a boxing inner glove or as a knuckle conditioning glove.

*Shipping for this product takes approximately 7-10 business days

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