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RDX Focus Pads Aura Plus T17


Built to handle repeated power shots, these RDX Focus Pads Aura Plus contain an added Quick-EZ strap and a palm-dome to grip shots and return with ease. Practice speed drills and combinations for better hand-eye coordination, head-movement and counters with these curved punching mitts. The perfect training tool to sharpen your striking skills in Boxing, Muay Thai & MMA. 


  • Kalix Skin – long-lasting and durable. This combat leather is stronger than real leather and settles accordingly with temperature fluctuation.
  • MG 2 – EVA-LUTION foam padding backed by RDX’s patented latex padding for maximum shock-absorbency
  • Kalix Skin compartment – A Kalix Skin hand compartment ensures grip and ease of returning
  • Palm-Dome: Catches heavy strikes and offers resistance against strikes with ease. Perfect for speed and power combos.
  • Quick-EZ - Hook and loop strap allows comfort adjustability according to wrist size and decreases chances of pad slipping off from a hard strike.

*Shipping for this product takes approximately 7-10 business days

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