Wine and Cheese Pairings for Your Holiday Event

Give your guests two things they really want this Thanksgiving or Christmas.


No holiday celebration is complete without wine and cheese. The pairing of the two creates a marriage between flavors and leaves your guests feeling happy and satisfied. Even if you serve other foods and beverages, having wine and cheese available for guests who enjoy it is a thoughtful thing to do.

The Perfect Match for Your Special Occasion

Examples of excellent wine and cheese pairings for your holiday event include:

  • Port and Bleu Cheese. Sweet and satisfying, the wine needs something pungent to balance it out.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon and Aged Gouda. The tannins in the wine go well with the nuttier-flavored cheese.
  • Riesling and Ricotta. Both versions of the German wine (sweet and dry) pair well with the creamy cheese.
  • Pinot Noir and Brie. Light-bodied and refreshing, the wine doesn’t disguise the incredible flavors of the distinctly different cheese.

It all comes down to taste. You can follow the suggestions listed here or create a sampler platter of cheeses to serve along with different bottles of wine at your event. People may find discovering their own pairings is deeply satisfying. They’ll flock to the cheeseboard.

Grazing platters for special events are very popular. You can add dried fruit, nuts, fresh fruits, crackers, and small slices of bread to the spread for a truly delightful experience for all. Having a smattering of food for guests to sample is always a hit.

Make the Wine Enthusiasts in Your Life Happy with the Right Bottle of Vino.

Wine and cheese are indulgent and perfect for your holiday get-together with family and friends. Break out your wine tumblers and beautiful cheese board. You have every excuse to use them this holiday season.


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