Preserve Your Wine's Shelf Life with Vacuum Stoppers

Keep your wine fresh for days.

Popping the cork off of a previously opened bottle of wine can be a drag – especially if you want your vino to taste just like it did when you first opened the bottle. Traditional bottle stoppers and reused corks are effective for keeping your wine but only for a limited time. These stoppers only keep your wine fresh for 24 hours. If you want your wine to remain top notch for several days, a vacuum sealed wine bottle stopper is a better option.


When Wine is Exposed to Air

When your wine is exposed to air, good and bad things can happen. Allowing it to breathe for a little while after opening it may enrich the flavor. But prolonged air exposure can cause a dip in quality due to a chemical reaction caused by oxygen exposure. Both taste and aroma can be affected.


When aerating your wine, be sure to cover it after it has been opened and exposed to the air for a short time. This helps to maximize the shelf life of your favorite bottle of vino a well as keep the flavor. Store your wine upright under room temperature. This helps to reduce the amount of oxygen your wine is exposed to as well.


Keeping Wine Fresh

The best way to keep your wine fresh for days is to preserve it in a way that creates an airtight seal. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways is to use a vacuum sealed wine bottle stopper. A vacuum sealed stopper works by first eliminating the oxygen from a bottle that has been partially emptied, then it secures the vacuum it has created with a stopper. This ensures that your “good” bottle of wine can last for days.

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